Foot Deodorant Spray (9)

CAD $25.00

Myth: feet are gross.

At Bodé, we often hear clients say “feet are gross”. That’s not fair to feet.

Our feet are designed with lots of sweat glands. Sweat itself is odourless, but it creates an environment where bacteria can grow. This bacteria breaks down the sweat on your skin, and it can produce a pungent smell.

This formula contains Tea Tree oil to neutralize foot odor and Menthol to cool the skin, leaving a refreshing scent. Kills odor-causing bacteria in seconds.

Suggested places to keep a can discretely:
– in your gym bag
– somewhere personal at work (desk, locker)

Supporting Canadian – Footlogix is a Canadian company, based in Etobicoke.

Size: 125ml / 4.23 oz.

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