AFA Exfoliating Gel

CAD $105.00 CAD $130.00

Smooth skin. Brighter complexion. Quick results.

Bodé has been using AFAs’ professional facial treatments for years. We love them! Clients get the same results from traditional chemical peels, without most of the issues that usually come along.

The AFA Exfoliating Gel is designed to boost results after a professional treatment peel in clinic.
If you haven’t had an AFA professional peel, don’t worry. This gel will still deliver results.

  • Fight signs of aging – reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brighten your skin tone – shed layers of dead skin
  • Minimize dark spots – lighten the marks on your skin that are caused by UV damage
  • Hydrate your skin – boost your skin’s natural moisture levels

There are 3 formula strengths available: Mild, Plus, Max.
Only the Mild formula can be purchased through our online store.
If you are currently using the Plus or Max and would like to order, send us a message to

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