The Liquid Plumber

When blackhead removal alone isn’t enough, call in the Liquid Plumber. Treat your skin to a full facial and a deep cleanse. This treatment includes: cleanse, pro-strength exfoliation, extractions, treatment mask, targeted serum, moisture infusion, hot towels and a relaxing facial massage. During the treatment mask, you will also relish in a mini-massage (neck, shoulders, arms and/or hands).

We recommend this treatment in 3 to 6 months intervals, whether it’s to prepare for the new season or whether you desire a deep cleanse and/or need extractions. Our climate shifts 180 degrees twice a year, and you need to ease into those new environmental factors.

Upgrade your facial while under your customized treatment mask!
Add Hydrating Eye & Lip treatment $18
Add D.I.F. Beard Mask treatment $20
Add Sock Destroyer treatment $30
Add Hand Fix treatment $30
*See our section “Facial Add-Ons for full service descriptions.
Do NOT shave your facial hair 12-24hrs before your facial (if possible).

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