Microscopic Electrolysis

  • Permanent hair removal  electrolysis is medically recognized as a permanent solution
  • Safe for all skin tones – electrolysis can be performed on clients across all skin tones
  • No need for maintenance – you won’t need to do “touch-ups” to stay hair-free

Electrolysis can be performed on any facial and body part, including genitals, beards, back, chest, ears, eyebrows, feet, hands, etc.

Duration Price
any body/face area
20 min $50
40 min $70
60 min $90
Before starting treatment, a 20 minute consultation is required. During this consultation, we will discuss your goals and explain the process required to meet those goals.
You will also receive a 5-10 minute mini-treatment so that you can experience electrolysis before committing to the series.
Duration Price
Consultation 20 min $50
The $50.00 consultation fee will be credited towards your scheduled treatments if you book an appointment within 4 weeks of your consultation.

Author Info

Aharon Trottier

My initial professional training was in physical education to be a high school teacher. I joined Bodé in 2012 as front desk and quickly grew into management. I became a therapist in 2016 under Dan’s thorough mentorship, allowing me to work directly with clients and to gain a complete understanding of Bodé’s operations, front and back. In February 2017, I acquired Bodé Spa and I continue to work closely with Dan on building the “Bodé experience” upon the core values that Dan established. Of Bodé Spa’s four pillar values, the biggest one that I cherish is building relationships. We aren’t just in the business of providing esthetic services, but in improving other’s well-being. That can only start with a genuine connection.

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