Spa Buddies & Couples Package

Share your favourite place (us!) with someone you know. Choose from this list of services which can be enjoyed with your spa buddy in the same treatment room together:

  • 60 minute Massage
  • Pedicure (choose one: Foot Fix or Sock Destroyer)
  • Hand Fix manicure
  • Facials
  • Facial add-on treatments
Choose the services you would like to experience. Contact us for pricing and to book your appointment.

Author Info

Aharon Trottier

My initial professional training was in physical education to be a high school teacher. I joined Bodé in 2012 as front desk and quickly grew into management. I became a therapist in 2016 under Dan’s thorough mentorship, allowing me to work directly with clients and to gain a complete understanding of Bodé’s operations, front and back. In February 2017, I acquired Bodé Spa and I continue to work closely with Dan on building the “Bodé experience” upon the core values that Dan established. Of Bodé Spa’s four pillar values, the biggest one that I cherish is building relationships. We aren’t just in the business of providing esthetic services, but in improving other’s well-being. That can only start with a genuine connection.

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