Concrete Feet Massage

During an average day of walking, your feet can endure pressure equivalent to a fully loaded cement truck weighing hundreds of tons. So treat your feet and lower legs!

This massage treatment starts with a professional foot soak, followed by a seaweed scrub to exfoliate your feet and lower legs. Then, enjoy a relaxing hot stone massage from your tired feet up to your knees, finishing with a moisture infusion to hydrate the skin.

Author Info

Aharon Trottier

My initial professional training was in physical education to be a high school teacher. I joined Bodé in 2012 as front desk and quickly grew into management. I became a therapist in 2016 under Dan’s thorough mentorship, allowing me to work directly with clients and to gain a complete understanding of Bodé’s operations, front and back. In February 2017, I acquired Bodé Spa and I continue to work closely with Dan on building the “Bodé experience” upon the core values that Dan established. Of Bodé Spa’s four pillar values, the biggest one that I cherish is building relationships. We aren’t just in the business of providing esthetic services, but in improving other’s well-being. That can only start with a genuine connection.

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