Shaving Services

Go smooth without the discomfort of waxing.

  • Quality trained therapists – our grooming experts are taught by Daniel Francoeur, Bodé Spa’s founder and nationally renowned instructor for men’s waxing.
  • Safety first – we use a quality, single-use razor. No cheap razors.
  • Clipping before shaving – we prepare you by clipping your body hair
To maintain results, we recommend treatment every 4 weeks.
Full body grooming prices are to be determined in-person, on the day of your appointment or consultation.
Duration Price
(includes shoulders and upper arm)
20 to 40 min $45 to $60
(includes shoulders and stomach)
20 to 40 min $45 to $60
(includes hands and fingers)
20 to 40 min $50 to $60
Armpits 10 min $25
(includes feet and toes)
40 to 60 min $80 to $95
Full Brozilian
(includes butt cheeks, crease, perineum, scrotum, shaft and pubic)
30 to 40 min $90
Partial Brozilian
(includes butt cheeks, crease, perineum, scrotum and shaft)
20 to 30 min $80
(includes perineum, scrotum and shaft)
20 min $70
(includes cheeks, crease and perineum)
20 min $30
Patches only
(Want just one of these done?: fingers/toes, low back, butt crease, etc)
10 min $20 to $40 each
Full Body
(includes back, chest, arms, armpits, legs, full brozilian)
2hrs to
$280 to $380
Save $!

Author Info

Aharon Trottier

My initial professional training was in physical education to be a high school teacher. I joined Bodé in 2012 as front desk and quickly grew into management. I became a therapist in 2016 under Dan’s thorough mentorship, allowing me to work directly with clients and to gain a complete understanding of Bodé’s operations, front and back. In February 2017, I acquired Bodé Spa and I continue to work closely with Dan on building the “Bodé experience” upon the core values that Dan established. Of Bodé Spa’s four pillar values, the biggest one that I cherish is building relationships. We aren’t just in the business of providing esthetic services, but in improving other’s well-being. That can only start with a genuine connection.

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