BODÉ BASICS: Electrolysis

Answering your questions about Electrolysis

Question: “What is electrolysis?”

Electrolysis is the usage of an electrical current to permanently destroy the internal structures within a hair follicle that are responsible for hair growth.

Pretty simple idea, right?
Said another way: Electrolysis permanently stops hair growth by using an electrical current inside your pore to kill the parts that are responsible for growth.


Question: “Is it actually permanent?”

Yes! Electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal solution approved and recognized by the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In Canada, there is no federal or provincial definition for permanent hair removal yet, as there is in the United States.

Laser, in contrast, is NOT recognized by the FDA as a permanent hair removal solution. Rather, laser is considered to be a hair REDUCTION solution. That will be discussed in a future article.


Question: “Is it safe?”

Yes! Electrolysis has been used for over 130 years and is approved as a safe permanent hair removal method by the FDA.

Some medical procedures require that the site be completely hair-free. Two common examples are skin grafts and gender affirmation surgery. Doctors will  recommend to their patients to undergo electrolysis treatments before these surgical procedures.


Question: “How is hair permanently killed?”

Let’s look at the process during treatment, step-by-step.

Step 1 – Insertion: A metallic filament is inserted into your hair follicle, alongside the hair.

Step 2 – Apply current: A short burst of electrical current is channeled through the metal filament, which generates heat. The heat kills the key structures in the tissue responsible for hair growth.
The hair is killed. Permanently.

Step 3 – Remove hair: Tweezers remove the hair from its destroyed structures.

Step 4: Repeat the process inside another hair follicle.

Each hair is treated individually in the area that you want permanent hair removal.


Question: “Who can be treated?”

Anyone can be treated, regardless of gender, age, skin or hair colour. Electrolysis is popular for both face and body work among men, women, and the transgender & non-binary community.


Question: “What body parts can be treated?”

Essentially, anywhere on the body. Two exceptions are inside the nose and on abnormal skin (i.e. moles, sunburns, rashes, etc).

For men, popular areas that we treat are:

    • neck and hairline
    • back & shoulders
    • chest
    • fingers and/or toes
    • ears
    • eyebrows
    • genitals
    • butt crease

For trans women, popular areas that we treat are:

    • facial hair (complete removal)
    • armpits
    • genitals
    • arms
    • legs
    • eyebrows

Our next article will answer more questions that we commonly get asked during consultations.

Call the spa and book a consult to have any further questions answered. Our electrologists are happy to meet with you!

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