body service

Back Cleanse

Can't quite reach your back? This express treatment is a quick 3-step process; a professional cleanse, an exfoliation and a moisturizer application. Once done, you can put on your shirt and go, knowing that even that hard-to-reach area got some TLC.
30min - $50

Bacial (all skins)

In-growns? Bacne? Dry? Itchy? We've got your back. A Deep Cleansing Facial for your back. This wildly popular treatment is designed to give the hardest-to-reach and largest expanse of your body the care that everywhere else gets. The treatment includes a professional cleanse, customized exfoliation, extractions (if needed), customized masque and a massage tailored to your skin type.
1.25hr - $120

The Scrub Down (all skins)

An unbelievable experience, with unbelievable results. Lose yourself in our one-of-a-kind Hydrotherapy room. Using a wide range of exfoliants-running the textural gambit from stunning, aroma-therapeutic Dead Sea mineral salts to potent, yet exceptionally gentle, enzymatic pastes - our skin refining body polishes are tailored to your skin type and/or condition. A MUST for dry, itchy or scaling skins!
1hr - $100

Turkish Body Scrub (all skins except acneic, sensitive/sensitized or damaged/fragilized skins)

Inspired by the Hammams of Northern Africa and the Middle East this treatment "transports you to another world"†. Utilizing our Hydrotherapy room to its fullest we re-create the steamroom experience. With Dead Sea mineral salts, Egyptian Loofah and our own charcoal "soap", your Tellak (washer) will perform a classic, vigorous body cleanse. This treatment will leave your body, mind and soul enlivened and energized.
1hr - $120

† Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen

Mudslide v1.0 (normal/oily, normal/dry)*

Get dirty. 100% Canadian Moor Mud packed with nutrient-rich minerals and spiked with crisp coniferous essential oils (oily skins) or blended with dark chocolate (dry skins). Both help to purify, brighten, nourish and regenerate the skin. This treatment includes an exfoliation prior to the wrap; maximizing its benefits.
1hr - $120

Mudslide v2.0 (oily/break-out prone/acneic)*

A specialized, highly active enzymatic sea mud, rich in Phyto-nutrients accomplishes two very important tasks: It exfoliates and nourishes simultaneously. This minimizes manipulation of the skin; an important point in the care of acneic and excessively oily/break-out prone skins.
1hr - $120

*Mud treatments are not recommended for excessively dry, sensitive/sensitized or damaged/fragilized skins. Consider instead, our Power Recovery Pack.

Power Recovery Pack (all skins and, most definitely, dry, sensitive/sensitized or damaged/fragilized skins)

This is intensive care for skins begging for relief. Using an arsenal of skin calming and healing ingredients, including: Colloidal Oatmeal, soy-milk, allantoin, honey, wasabi root and white tea - this treatment's results are immediate and long-lasting. This is a MUST for those suffering from any sort of dermatitis, eczema, winter skin itch, chronic dry skin or sunburns and other environmental assaults. Where appropriate, an extremely gentle exfoliant will be used prior to the wrap.
1hr - $120


manscaping services

This ain't the 40 Year-old Virgin. Discover the treatment that sets Bodé apart. We'll change your perception about 'scaping!

Package: Put It On Your Tab

If you're interested in maintaining a consistent waxing regimen and you want to save a bit of cash, you can choose to pre-purchase one of these two "tab" packages. Next time you come in for that particular waxing service, you can say "put it on my tab" and we'll deduct the service from your purchased tab.
Buy 6 waxing services, get 1 free! OR Buy 10 waxing services, get 2 free!

*The pre-purchased tab must be for the same waxing service (ex: buy 6 back waxes, get 1 back wax free!; or buy 6 chest & arm waxes, get 1 chest & arm wax free!). It's your tab...

Wax Clip Shave Sugar
Guybrows $25
Ears & Nose $10 Each
Face Lift (brow, nose and ears) $40
Back (incl. shoulders) $50 $15 $25 $60
Chest $50 $15 $25 $60
Arms $45 $15 $25 $55
1/2 Arms $20 $10 $15 $30
Armpits $25 $10 $35
Hands or Feet $15
Toes or Fingers $10 $8 $15
Legs $75 $20 $35 $85
Butt/Brief (cheeks, crack, perineum) $50 $15 $35 $60
Partial Bro-zillian (cheeks, crack, perineum, scrotum, shaft) $70 $45 $80
Full Bro-zillian (everything, including pubic hair) $80 $55 $90
Pubic Hair $10
Crease $35

Full body waxing, shaving or sugaring is done at a 20% off discount for EACH service. Full body MUST include the following four services (minimum): 1) back, 2) chest, 3) legs and 4) butt/brief (or brozillian). The average session runs 1.5 hours to 3 hours.


Click on above tabs for our specialized and peel treatments

If possible, refrain from shaving the morning of your face treatment. If you have facial hair of any style you DO NOT have to shave, clip or trim it for any treatment.

The Bodé Challenge

Curious about skin care? Do you have questions or concerns about your skin or how to properly shave? Want to navigate through the quagmire of products, promises and hype? First time face treatment clients are invited to take The Bodé Challenge. In this 45min session, we'll show you what skin type you have, address any conditions that me be affecting your skin's health and teach you how to care for your skin. We'll send you home with samples of our recommendations; getting you on the road to the healthiest skin possible! (bring in your shaving and skin products you are presently using so we can explain them)
45min. - $25 (or FREE if you purchase product this visit OR book a facial for your next visit, this fee will be put towards that cost.

We invite you to come back 2 to 4 weeks after your visit for a free follow-up consult (15min.) so that we can discuss the results of your new skin care regime.

The Tune-Up (all skins)

This is an introduction to what facials can do. Skin Care 101. Cleansing, Exfoliation, Mask and Moisture infusion with light massage. Addictions begin here. (this treatment does not include extractions)
1hr - $90

BeardBurn (all razor-damaged/fragilized skins)

Facial hair is quintessentially male. But. Not all men are created equal. Men's skin is brutalized on a daily basis. More than you can imagine. There are vital differences in the construction of male skin that makes caring for it a real challenge. This is compounded for men with dense facial hair growth. This is an introduction to skin care, designed especially for those who have real issues with their skin due to facial hair, razor burn and/or in-grown hairs.
1hr - $90

The Liquid Plumber (The Ultimate Cleanse) (all skins)

All skins need a deep cleanse. Our climate shifts 180 degrees, twice a year. While this treatment is ideal at season's change to ease you into the environmental transition, a professional cleanse is something that benefits everyone — at any time. We recommend this treatment in 3 to 6 month intervals. Professional Cleanse, Advanced Exfoliation, Des-Incrustation, Extractions, Skin Refinement, Intensive Masque and Protective Moisture Infusion
1.5hrs - $135

The Royal Flush (all skins)

Up the ante, this is the jackpot! Bod´'s most popular face treatment takes the Ultimate Cleanse and turns it up to 11! With the skin so thoroughly prepared...relaxed and receptive...we seize the opportunity to infuse even more nourishment into the skin. Customizing everything from aroma-therapeutic hot towels and personalized massage elixirs, to serums and complexes that maximize your desired results. Eye and lip treatments are also included in this powerhouse treatment.
2hrs - $175

Express facial

Time is of the essence right now, but you still need to look your best. Whether this is a stand alone treatment or added onto other services, we have a specialized Express Facial to match what your skin is going through at the moment. (no extractions during this treatment)
30min. - $65

Clean Up

Need a little tidy up between facial appointments? Those nasty black heads just need to be taken care of? Well this is the one for you.
Simple extraction and clean up - 30min. - $55


A growing number of skins need more than a little TLC. Bodé's Specialized Face Treatments strike right to the heart of the matter and address the more advanced requirements of complex skin.

Oily, Break-out prone, Acneic

The A3 (Adult Acne Annihilator) (acneic and severely oily/break-out prone skins)

Acne is not breakouts. Acne is a skin type AND a condition. It is a genetic anomaly that thrives on hormonal and environmental fluctuations. Most products 'designed' for Acne are incredibly harsh, over-strip the skin--leaving it imbalanced. Balance is VITAL, not only to the healing process, but also to prevent the "rebound" effect.
1.5hrs - $120

The Y-A2 (Youth Acne Annihilator) (acneic, oily and oily/break-out prone teen skins)

Acne in young adults is difficult to "diagnose". While some skins are truly acneic, most are bearing the brunt of wild hormones, environmental stresses and simply the lifestyle of being a teen. We can help fight these three factors in three easy steps. If you are (or someone you know is) 18 or younger and suffering from Youth Acne, this is where to find relief and education.
1.5hrs - $80

The Oil Slick (oily and oly/break-out prone skins)

Do you shine like the top of the Chrysler Building? Oily skin is beautiful! The benefits of oily skin far outweigh the negatives, but, it does require a little bit of finesse in caring for it. Oily skins aren't always break-out prone, but there is a higher incidence of this. We can help re-educate your skin, slow down the oil machine, ditch the zits and help make your skin feel lighter and more breathable!
1hr - $110

R.E.D.S (Rosacea, Erythrosis, Diffused redness, Sensitive/Sensitized)

H.E.L.P! (Hostile Environmental Limitation Protocol) (dry, damaged/fragilized and REDS skins)

Rosacea. Sensitivity. Sensitization. Allergies. Welcome to modern civilization. More than any other time in history the environments we inhabit are causing the aforementioned conditions. The culprits? Vaso-reactivity and ground-level ozone. We can't stop their creation, but we can dramatically limit their assault on us. (Hostile Environmental Limitation Protocol)
1hr - $110

Age-Correction Treatments

The WOW Factor (all skins except acneic, damaged/fragilized and R.E.D.S skins)

Recommended Ages 30+
It ain't called WOW for no reason. This treatment is the most potent resurfacing treatment outside of a Doctor's office. A high-percentage Glycolic and Lactic Acid peel that dramatically refines and redefines your skin's texture, pore size and micro-circulation. Skin is visibly altered in 1 treatment and completely changed after the series. A must for those with a dull complexion, uneven tone, dry skin or oily and asphyxiated skin.
1hr - $120

Pure (all prematurely aging skins except acneic/break-out prone)

Recommended ages: 30 through 50
The Pure Treatment uses a complex called Kronoxyl-3. This complex achieves results very similar to BOTOX®, without the needles and without the botulism toxin.
1hr - $120

ExCellience (all mature skins except excessively oily/acneic/break-out prone)

Recommended Ages: 50+
This powerhouse treatment works on a cellular level. ExCellience repairs and regenerates non-embryonic stem cells. This process deeply fills, not only lines, but wrinkles. It visibly reverses a large portion of those already formed, and protects the currently forming (and future) wrinkles, thereby significantly prolonging their journey to permanency.
1hr - $120


target treatments


An advanced in-spa eye treatment with immediate results. For those serious about eye-care, we can send you home with a 1 month supply of morning and evening home care.
Dark? Puffy? Itchy? Red? Tired?Let's target-practice.
30min - $50
With homecare $182
*Added to a facial $40*

The Lash Life

Show of those peepers! Deepen your lash colour for a pop that others can't quite put their finger on.
30min - $25

Just Browsing

As with the lashes, DO the same for the frame.
30min - $25

Lip Service

Dry, chapped, split lips? Instead of chewing on them, chew on this instant lip-fix miracle. After the in-spa lip intensive, we can send you off with an at-home lip treatment to lick these conditions once, and for all.
30min - $30
With homecare - $80
*Added to facial - $20*

The Porn Star



massage therapies

Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Sports and Therapeutic Treatments

Bodé Spa takes Massage Therapy very seriously. Massage is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of relaxation, reduction and management of stress and pain, healing and physio-therapeutic practices.

In addition to our Register Massage Therapists (RMT's), our Skin Therapist and Estheticians are hight trained Massage Practioners (MP's) in their own right.

The fundamental differences between a RMT and a MP are the ability to provide receipts for submission to you health insurance provider, and the depth/intensity of the treatment. If you have specific treatment requirements beyond relaxation and/or you require an insurance receipt, a RMT is therefore required.

Duration RMT MP
30 Minutes $65 $50
60 Minutes $95 $75
90 Minutes $125 $100
120 Minutes $150 $130

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • TMJ or TMJD
  • Sinus Issues
  • Migraine or tension headaches
  • Varicose veins
  • Constipation
  • Torticollis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Carpal Tunnel discomfort
  • Discuss it with your RMT and have it incorporated into your massage of 1.5 hours or longer.

    Head's Up!

    An invigorating scalp treatment with a ridiculously amazing massage of the head, neck and shoulders. This treatment helps to promote natural hair growth. Treat your 'thinking cap' by booking this service on its own or by adding it to any service; massage or esthetic.
    30min - $45

    4-Hand Massage

    This one-of-a-kind massage combines the skills of two therapists working simultaneously to achieve a deep and relaxing experience. Both therapists work on one client, using synchronized movements. With four hands on the body, it's best not to try to keep track of "who's where", but to surrender to the experience. This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go and disconnecting from the outside world. If you're poor on time, have difficulty switching off, or want to treat a massage 'connoisseur' to something different, then start seeing double!
    1hr - $150

    *Because there are two therapists, more of the body is worked on at the same time; so one can expect to have more skin exposed. A towel is used for coverage. No insurance receipt is provided.


    HydroTherapy Massage is something that must be experienced to be believed. The effects and results of the classic "dry" massage are amplified when performed in our spectacular HydroRoom. Described by our clients as a "Rain forest Grotto", this "wet" massage heats your body from the inside out, transforming classical to mythical.

    Duration RMT MP
    60 minutes $120 $100
    60 minutes (45min. massage & 15min. scrub) $130 $110
    90 minutes $150 $130
    90 minutes ((1 hr.15min massage & 15 min. scrub) $155 $135


    hand & foot care

    The Hand Shake

    Just the basics to get those hands ready for greeting. A perfect add-on while spending time at the Spa or for that quick fix up.
    20min - $25

    Hand Fix

    Old Faithful. Nails trimmed and shaped, customized hand soak, full cuticle work, exfoliation, and a nourishing massage.
    30min - $45

    Dry cracked skin? Why not add on a paraffin wax treatment?
    10min - $10

    Sock Destroyer

    If your toe nails are causing some sock damage, then this service is the answer. Not a full Foot Fix but a simple clean up; perfect for between your Foot Fix appointments or a gread add-on while spending time at the spa.
    25min - $35

    Foot Fix*

    A great introduction to foot care. This is, by far, the hardest working part of your body...and the most neglected. Isn't it time you gave a little something back? Soothing foot soak, nails trimmed, cleansed and smoothed, paddle exfoliation and massage.
    45min - $65

    Dry cracked skin? Why not add on a paraffin wax treatment?
    10min - $10

    Therapeutic Foot Fix

    Any number of foot conditions affect, not only how you move through life, but your health. Let's figure out what's going on, address it and get you on the road to This is 911 for your lower 10!
    1hrs - $75

    *When performing a foot fix, if we encounter a foot condition that we believe requires our more specialized treatment (Therapeutic Foot Fix) and/or medical advice, we may need to alter/modify or end your fix. Foot health is a vital part of your overall health and well-being. Bodé Spa approaches your feet with the respect they - and you - deserve.

    BS Brace

    The revolutionary B/S Brace System provides a NON-Surgical, corrective procedure that will not only eventually eliminate the pain but also help correct the curvature of the nail!

  • Alleviates pain and discomfort associated with curved and involuted toe nails
  • Eliminates or reduces excessive pressure at the lateral nail edges
  • Helps correct the curvature of the nail
  • Is simple, fast and painless and involves NO surgery and NO downtime
  • Produces noticeable, pain-relieving results in just days!

    45min - $50

    Bodé packages

    *Due to the unique combinations of treatments, insurance receipts cannot be issued for package bookings.

    The Rugger

    Few things take a bigger beating in Rugby - and life - than your feet. Couple that with the tackles on (and off) the pitch and you've got a body that needs a time-out.
    Let us tackle you for a 30 minute body scrub and 1 hour HydroTherapy Massage. After we've KO'd you, we'll have a serious scrum with your lower 10 in a Platinum Foot Fix while you sip on your choice of "Ruggers-ade".
    3hr Match - $210

    A portion of the proceeds supports The Ottawa Wolves Rugby Team and their 2012 quest for victory in Manchester, England.

    Duke of Bodé

    An introduction to SpaLife. A 60 minute massage including a scalp massage and a Tune Up Facial. How bad could it be?
    2hrs - $150

    Couples Package

    A staff member will quickly show you and your partner how to perform a body scrub and mud application. You will then be given 1 hour alone in the hydrotherapy room to perform these treatments on each other. Very romantic!
    1hr - $150

    Prince of Bodé (The Half Day)

    Moving up the ranks of Royalty this package includes a 1.5hr massage and 1/2hr scrub, followed by a Liquid Plumber facial.
    4hrs - $350

    King of Bodé (The Full Day)

    Bodé becomes your Kingdom for a day. Your reign begins at 10am with The Scrub Down and a 90 minute massage. Enjoy a delicious lunch and then return to rule with The Royal Flush face treatment and Platinum Hand and Foot Fix. Have your carriage pick you up at 5:30pm, you'll need it.
    10am-5pm - $500

    The Groom[er]

    On the day that you need to put your best face forward, Bodé Spa is there for you.Get photo ready with a 2 hour Royal Flush Facial combined with what we like to call the Facelift (eye brow, nose and ear wax-clean up). Let's also put a touch on that soon-t-be ring bearing hand with the Hand Shake treatment, followed by the Sock Destroyer to make sure those feet stay put at the altar. Depending on your time, we can do this treatment between 2.5 hours to 3.25 hours.

    The Honeymooner

    The big day is almost here and now there are expectations on how you need to look for the honeymoon as well. Look no further; this special day package will have you ready for both. Considering photos will be taken, the 2 hour Royal Flush facial treatment with our Facelift (eye brow, nose and ear wax-clean up) is the way to go. Those hands, 1 in particular, have to look damn fine for that ring so the Hand Shake is its saviour. Also, those feet may do some walking on the honeymoon, maybe even on a beach, the full Foot Fix is equally in order.You might be stressed or have the special-day jitters which is why we are also throwing in a massage. Relax, sit back and enjoy! After all, this is your day too. Depending on your time, this package can be done in 3.5 hours or 4.5 hours.