Bodé Spa Medi-Wellness for Men is one of Canada’s leading spas dedicated entirely to the service and grooming needs of the male patron.

Daniel Francoeur fell in love with the industry while owning 'Little House Spa' in Cumberland, Ontario. In 2004, realizing that the spa needs for men were not being met, he recreated Bodé Spa for men in the picturesque Sandy Hill district of Ottawa. Since then, Daniel and the professional team at Bodé Spa have gained local, national, and even international attention, providing education and assistance, as well as selecting and introducing an array of male-specific products that deliver science to a solution.

Bodé Spa offers complete privacy, with a team of educated staff that are dedicated to bringing man and spa together in a comfortable and professional atmosphere that clients can truly call their own.

Meet our team

DANIEL FRANCOEUR, Owner and Educator

Sharing his knowledge with professionals across North America, Daniel Francœur has quickly become the preeminent source for all matters pertaining to male grooming and spa care. Daniel got his start in the spa business 16 years ago, operating Little House Spa, a traditional female-dedicated business. Over the years, his male clientele grew to over 40%, which led to the launching of a new venture: Bodé Spa For Men in Ottawa. Now in its eigth year, Bodé Spa has gained an international reputation for its client care and modern-minded approach. Leading the charge, Daniel is not only the spa's owner, he is also a massage therapist (orthotherapist), waxing specialist (trainer), and esthetician.

Bodé has gone through another growth in that it has now opened its doors in Toronto with a slight add on to the name Bodé Spa Medi-Wellness for Men. You will find Daniel sharing his time and talents at both locations. You can check out the website to see the addition to the services available in the Toronto location. Over the next coming year, Toronto and Ottawa will work hard to match almost all their services yet keeping a few original services that make each location unique.

FELIX CONYEDO, Registered Massage Therapist
Sport Massage Therapist (Certification Candidate)

Felix graduated from CDI College with a diploma in Massage Therapy. He is currently a Registered Massage Therapist with the CMTO (College of Massage Therapists of Ontario), RMTAO (Registered Massage Therapists Association of Ontario), and the CSMTA (Canadian Sport Massage Therapists Association)

Felix boasts almost 10 years of experience in the field of sports massage therapy. His experience ranges from treating "weekend warriors", junior and varsity athletes to elite and professional athletes. Felix's integrated holistic approach to healthcare allows him to identify the cause of a problem, and not simply treat the symptoms. Felix has been involved with a number of sporting events, providing a combination of pre and post sport massage therapy as well as on-field medical coverage. These include the World Ball Hockey Championships, work with international karate teams, and Dance Sport Canada.

His continuing education courses include: athletic taping, functional muscle assessment, functional movement screening and corrections, and various courses designed to build sport-specific power and strength, and dynamic warm up training. Being an athlete himself, he understands the unique needs and demands that come with being an athlete, and continually strives to meet these needs. Felix is often consulted and sought after by elite organizations to assist athletes in returning to a high performance following major injuries.

ROBERT GUERTIN, Registered Massage Therapist

Robert brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Bodé Spa team. His adapted massage techniques include Swedish or sports massage, combined with varied 'osteopathic' facial and stretching techniques.

Robert is well known for his work with hydrotherapy massage, performed under the misty rain of Bodé's hydro room, ideal for joggers and cyclists. There, Robert stretches the short rotators, flexors, extensors, adductors and abductors through their full range of motion, not to forget the rotator cuff muscles for swimmers and body builders.

When a systemic clearing of toxins is required, Robert works to reach the deeper layers with lymphatic drainage therapy techniques (LDT) Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (Chikly method), and also with visceral manipulation techniques (VM) Visceral Manipulation (Barral Institute).

These techniques focus on the abdominal and pelvic regions, which are often neglected but are major areas for body circulation (arterial, venous, lymphatic, nervous) and also where a good deal of our emotions and stress are stored.

Robert notes that for every service, client participation is key. "Always remember that moderation and continuity is the key to long range well being," he says.

KIMBERLEY TURNBULL, Registered Massage Therapist

Kimberley did her RMT training at the Elegance Private College, in Cornwall. Her interest in massage was sparked in highschool, and her decision to pursue her studies was cemented after watching members of her family struggle with medical and biomechanical issues. Known for having “warm, healing hands” by those around her, Kimberley knew she was in the right line of work.

Kimberley enjoys a challenge, from aching muscles to piriformis syndrome to constipation. Her clients may not only fall asleep during the session, but also to have a better night sleep. She is currently, completing a course on hot stone massage and is planning on taking a reflexology and thermal palm course in the near future.

"Clients are not textbooks, nor are they paychecks. Each client is different, and even treatments can vary between sessions for the same person. And us...? we (RMTs) are like old slippers: you may have to try a few before you can find the one that fits you!."

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Read some of our client testimonials

"[Following my hydrotherapy massage] As I stepped out into the Ottawa night, I imagined that what I was feeling -- the gust of cool air on my warm skin -- is what others must feel when they step off the plane from Cuba. I had been to another world, but I didn't have to take a plane to get there."
- Matthew Pearson, The Ottawa Citizen

"This is one of those business you root for and want to see succeed. I met the gentlemen who own Bodé a few years ago and have been enjoying their services and products since. Whether you're a dude with excess body hair, you're in need of a massage, you need some fantastic quality shave cream (that's a couple of bucks more then the drug-store brand and far superior) or you just want to keep your skin looking younger then your drivers licence says it should - this place, and these gentlemen are for you."
- Wayne J., Ottawa

"I recently read about Bodé Spa in the newspaper, and was simply blown away by their incredible service and knowledge! I learned more about my skin in 15 minutes with them than I had in my previous 42 years! I am very pleased to have discovered this place, and will certainly be back."
- Derick L., Ottawa

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What's the difference between wax and sugar?

A: Both are equally effective at removing hair, both have the same hair regrowth timeline, and both are equally discomforting. So why the difference?

Sugar only sticks to dead skin, whereas wax removes a micro-layer of skin with the hair. The layer is not enough to be concerned about, except for sensitive areas where the skin is already thin (ex: scrotum, perineum, butt crack). On these sensitive areas, we use sugar.

For the rest of the body, wax is ideal because it is easier to handle. If it is your first time having something manscaped, we suggest that you try waxing first.If you wish to have areas other than a brozillian done using sugar, that limits you to only seeing Daniel (because he has the technique) and it takes longer than waxing.

Q: Do you only accept men?

A: No, we don't accept only men. Between 5%-10% of our clients are women. 
The spa industry is one that has become designed around the needs of women and there is almost no education provided to therapists on the differences for male care. So, men have no where to go.

Spas may accept men, but they often don't have the expertise on male care nor the right equipment.

Our mission is to be a spa for men, by men; meaning its a space that is tailored for guys and it is executed well because the owner and the staff themselves are men. If a woman wants to schedule an appointment, or come in for a service while her male friend is having his service(s), no problem!

Q: What's the difference between an RMT and an MP

A: An MP is an esthetician that has completed some massage training during their certification in esthetics. Their training allows them to perform massages for general relaxation purposes only.

An RMT is a therapist who has completed the 2-year Massage Therapy program and has accumulated over 2000 hours of clinic experience. Because of their schooling and experience, they are able to do more than just relaxation; they can also work with clients that have injuries or rehabilitation needs, or clients that need a particular area worked on. RMTs are the only licensed massage therapists that are permitted to issue an insurance receipt (used for insurance claims coverage).

Our Ottawa Location

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are at 17 Marlborough Ave. Marlborough is at the end of Laurier, in Sandy Hill. It is the street before Strathcona Park on Range Road.

Q: I still don't know where Marlborough Avenue is.

A: From the University of Ottawa on Laurier, keep going away from the downtown core, moving towards Vanier. You will come to the intersection Laurier/King Edward. After King Edward, Marlborough is the 8th street on your right hand side.

then Marlborough Ave.

Q: Is there parking?

A: Yes, there is 3 hours free parking all along one side of Marlborough Ave.

Q: Why can't I park in the parking lot of the building?

A: Because none of those spots are ours; they belong to the tenants of the building. They pay for those parking spots.

Q: What if I am scheduled for longer than 3 hours at the spa?

A: There is a parking spot that is reserved for clients that are with us for periods of time longer than 3 hours. When you arrive, park on Marlborough Ave and come in; we will show you where the parking spot is upon your arrival.

Our Toronto Location

Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located 154 Bedford Road, between Bloor and Davenport